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Sell sensibly with Matched Pairs

Thinking of selling a fine gun, but deterred by the risks of doing so by auction?  Then try our confidential sell sensibly scheme and you'll notice the difference.  Our sell sensibly scheme is unrivalled. That's because you decide the selling price, thereby avoiding the risk of your gun being sold short by conservative auction reserves.

What's more, there's no buyer's premium (a staggering 20% + VAT) - that's a significant consideration for potential buyers. Our very reasonable commission + VAT includes all advertising in sporting periodicals, insurance, photography and a large feature on our web site.

Most important of all, you'll reach the widest number of potential buyers - we have literally thousands of subscribers looking for fine guns.

Confidentiality is assured and distance no object. If preferred, we will always be prepared to purchase your fine gun from you.

To learn more about our completely FREE and confidential valuation service, please click here

The matter of buying, selling or transferring shotguns to someone else is a very straightforward and easy procedure. Yet surprisingly, many certificate holders, unwittingly, fall foul of the law in this respect.

When you first acquire your shotgun certificate please sign it immediately in the appropriate space. Obviously, at this stage, there will be no shotguns shown on it, so how do you go about acquiring a shotgun?

There are various ways to acquire shotguns. These include buying one from another certificate holder or Registered Firearms Dealer and, should you be fortunate enough, having either of the former giving you a shotgun.

Should you wish to sell your gun (single or pair) on this site please contact Joe Hall at Matched Pairs. The transaction will be treated in the strictest confidence at all times. 
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