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Established in 1814 by JAMES PURDEY in Oxford Street the business became famous very quickly & by 1828 was the most popular gunshop in London.JAMES

PURDEY & SONS hold the warrants of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 HRH Prince Philip & HRH the Prince of Wales having held an uninterrupted Royal Warrant since Queen Victoria’s reign.

In 1880 JAMES PURDEY the Younger moved from Oxford Street to the new premises on the corner of South Audley Street & Mount Street where they remain to this day.

PURDEY guns moved briskly from flintlock to percussion cap to centre fire hammer guns & then in 1878 to the famous self opening hammerless guns. This was followed 2 years later by the incorporation of ejectors & apart from continual refinement & development & the optional single trigger mechanism very little change has been made to the side by side sidelock.

The PURDEY Over & Under gun is a development of the Woodward patent of 1913 incoporated into the company on the acquisition by J. PURDEY & SONS of the business of J.Woodward & Sons in 1949.

If you have any specific requirement on either PURDEY or WOODWARD please Let us know & we will endeavour to assist otherwise continue by selecting SINGLES Or PAIRS from the links above.

Should you wish to sell your gun (single or pair) on this site please contact Joe Hall at Matched Pairs. The transaction will be treated in the strictest confidence at all times. 
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